Its time to think about your needs. Whether you’re downsizing because you want to declutter your life, or move to living options that better suit your needs, Cheryl is the REALTOR® who will be there every step of the way, ensuring you’re well supported in your decisions making the the next step.

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Downsizing is a big step that requires well thought out decisions. Its good to know why you’re considering downsizing, to make the best decision for your future. Here are your options below.


1. Move Out Of Province To Save
The smartest retirement move for you might be across the country to an area with lower costs, low or no income tax , or nearby family to help you out.


2. Move Across Town
If you’re well-established in your community, consider downsizing in your hometown. If you’re straining under carrying costs of your present home, you could moveto a house on a smaller lot in an older neighborhood, saving thousands a year in maintenance and property taxes.


3. Move Abroad
The cafes of Paris or the cheap living of Panama may seem attractive for your relocation, But moving abroad requires more legwork than moving to another city or province. Make sure you research the Internal Revenue Service tax rules for Canadians living aborad and have health care coverage secured before you leave.


4. Become A Temporary Renter
You can sell your home, invest your take (in something safe) and try out life in another place for a few years as a renter, without fear of the housing prices getting away from you. You might take to the new climate and lower taxes, or find yourself missing your old home.


5. Become a Long-Term Renter
Selling your high expenses family home and renting a smaller home or aparment gives you a cushion of at least 10 years of spending money, that you can enjoy unconstrained by financial commitments.


6. Move In With Your Kids (or Vice Versa)
Intergenerational living is back into fashion. Combining two or more households into one saves on big expenses like property taxes and upkeep and has emotional rewards–grandma putting the grandkids to bed.


7. Find An Active Adult Community
If golf courses, hiking trails, and yoga classes are enticing, and you like hanging out primarily with folks your own age, consider buying into (or renting at) an active adult-only community. Remember, however, that these communities may be far from family–and don’t guarantee access to assisted living or nursing care.


8. Buy Into A Continuing Care Retirement Community
In these communities, you start out living independently in an apartment or townhome. But should your health deteriorate, you have guaranteed access to assisted living or nursing home beds. These communities generally require payment of a big upfront fee that may not be refundable and have complicated contracts.

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